Five Mile House Prepares for 2017 Season

April 1, 2017 - The Five Mile House Foundation staged its 2017 work day with twenty plus student volunteers from EIU. The EIU volunteer program has delivered critical clean-up/maintenance services to Five Mile House site for the past half decade.  The volunteers have always been first rate. Saturday’s group was, perhaps, the best ever!

2017 FMH Cleanup Day 001.jpg

     The EIU volunteers appeared at 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning and for the next two plus hours they washed dishes, cleaned windows, vacuumed walls and floors, measured ingredients for the hearth baking demonstrations for the Charleston 4th grade classes visitation April 27-25, cleaned the restroom, scraped loose paint from the front and back porches in preparation for repainting, pulled weeds, pruned and trimmed plants around the yard, rejuvenated the herb garden, picked up yard debris, and posed for the picture seen here. The event planner reported with delight that the entire list of projects was completed by the volunteers by the end of the morning.

     Directing and leading the volunteers were Five Mile House board members Tom Vance, Jim Craig, Larry Bates, Lance Beevers, Gail Casey, Lynne Padovan, Cynthia Rouse, Kathy and Dick Hummel, and David Kent Coy.

2017 Cleanup Day #4.jpg
2017 Cleanup Day #6.JPG