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This is a drawing of the front of the new barn and blacksmith shop. The barn has been dismantled and the timbers are now at the Trillium Dell workshop in Knoxville, Illinois. We have about $40,000 to raise yet and will do an end of the year appeal and our annual campaign in March. Trillium Dell indicates that the barn will be raised in the March/April time frame.

THANK YOU to all of our many donors who have made this project possible.

      The Commodore Perry Davis Barn is located 3.4 miles east of the Five Mile House on the Westfield Road. It was built in 1880 by Commodore Perry Davis and is a large "Tennessee livestock barn." The center and loft of the barn are designed for storing grain and hay for feeding livestock in the side wings of the barn.

      The barn will be dismantled and re-constructed in a smaller but similar configuration at the Five Mile House. Some of the original features of the barn such as the corn crib and grain bin will be represented and interpretive displays will tell the story of C.P. Davis and the original barn. Cost estimates are currently being developed and a fund raising effort will begin later this spring.


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